Health food trends 2014/15

When it comes to foods, there is also a trend. Not only in fashion do you see a trend. Every year the trend changes to a new trend. This is because people have different needs. If you would want to live a healthy life, it is important that you know what are these trends. Since, most of these trends can really be a big help on your path to a healthy life. 


Elimination Diets  One of the most known trend, and probably the most oldest, that people still follow today are elimination diets. The concept of this trend is very simple. It is where people will restrict themselves from eating certain foods that they feel causes harm to the body. In the old days, people have already started doing this. Some of those people have now made their elimination diets into their own diets, like South Beach, Sonoma, Mediterranean diets.   Organic Food  Another very popular trend is to eating organic foods. According to a recent survey by a well known food website, 58 percent of cooks now choose recipes where they can use organic and natural ingredients. One of the main reasons why people are also choosing organic foods is because it is one of the few foods guarantees that it is created without using synthetic pesticides or herbicides, genetically modified ingredients, antibiotics or growth hormones; which ensures no side effects.   Healthy Jello  One trend that is unexpected to be seen on the list is Jello. However, the jello that are healthy as there are some people that are currently finding ways to make their jellos in being healthy. They do this by mixing the jello with healthy mixes like spirits and fresh fruits in all sorts of creative shapes and molds. This is actually a good thing, since these desserts are fat-free and can be low in calories if a person will opt to use natural flavorings instead of other flavorings.   Beyond Local Produce  Another trend to look at is local produce. People are in to buying produced that are made by their local farmers. This is because, aside they would want to support their local farmers, a lot of people view vegetables that are locally grown to be healthier than other produce. Although this is arguable, there is without a doubt that locally grown produce still give the right amount of vitamins and minerals that a person will need daily.