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Everyone has a different opinion on nutrition and vitamin D is no different. 86% of South Dakotans are vitamin D deficient in the winter time, and 27% of people from SD are vitamin D deficient in the summer time. There isn’t enough sunshine from October through April in the Black Hills to produce enough vitamin D for our skin. Some general facts 40% of Americans are generally vitamin D deficient and 80% of people living in a nursing home are vitamin D deficient. Overweight people generally don’t process vitamin D very well and the older you get usually the more vitamin D deficient you are. You need about 5-10 minutes in the sun to get adequate vitamin D for the day and anything after that you really have to wear sunscreen to help prevent skin cancer. Vitamin D really isn’t a vitamin anyway its actually a hormone. Vitamin D isn’t like other vitamins your body can make vitamin D when exposed skin to sunlight. And your body can’t make other vitamins. So things like vitamin C you get from fruits and vegetables and that’s how you get your vitamins. Most foods don’t have a high level of vitamin D. The recommendation is about 600 international units of vitamin D a day. Many people think that’s too low, the FDA actually suggests 2,000 international units a day. To give you a comparison 1 glass of milk that is fortified with vitamin D gives you about 100 international units so you would need 6 glasses of milk a day just to get your vitamin D levels in. Another reason to eat your fruits and vegetables like dieticians say is fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants and they can actually help your body to prevent sunlight from burning your skin. I’m Cindy Gates dietician with Regional Health. “


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