Monterey Mushrooms promoting strong Vitamin D in mushrooms –

Monterey Mushrooms promoting strong Vitamin D in mushrooms

Joining the Mushroom Council’s marketing initiative to promote the health benefits of mushrooms, especially Vitamin D, is Watsonville, CA-based Monterey Mushrooms.

Mike O’Brien, vice president of sales and marketing for Monterey Mushrooms, points out that mushrooms are the only produce item with natural Vitamin D, which is important for strong bones and essential to healthy immune systems.

“The main source of vitamin D is exposure to sunlight,” explained O’Brien. “When we are exposed to the sun’s UV rays, our bodies produce vitamin D. Mushrooms do the same. Monterey’s 100-percent vitamin D mushrooms provide the required input for vitamin D in one three-ounce serving.”

Summer Mushrooms-4Portabella caps from Monterey Mushrooms.He added that the council’s The Blend initiative is keeping mushrooms top of mind at restaurants and in supermarkets. This effort communicates how blending fresh mushrooms with ground meat protein can enhance flavor and substantially reduce fat, sodium and calories in favorite recipes.

“The Blend has a fast growing following across the country in school lunch programs and in colleges, and blended recipe items are now offered on restaurant menus,” added O’Brien.

Monterey Mushrooms started as a single mushroom farm located in Watsonville in 1971. The company has since expanded to 10 farms strategically located across North America. It provides all major U.S. cities with fresh, locally-grown mushrooms year-round.

The company produces and ships white, brown, specialty, stuffed and organic mushrooms, in addition to processed mushroom products.

He also pointed out that the conversion from white button mushrooms to brown mushrooms continues.

“In fact, total mushroom category dollar sales growth is being driven by brown mushrooms,” he said. “It’s the Baby Bella that continues to grow, and in some areas, outsell white mushrooms.”

Baby Bellas, also known as Crimini, are smaller Portabella mushrooms that resemble, in size and shape, white button mushrooms. But they are darker in color and have a stronger flavor. The very popular Baby Bellas are good raw or sautéed, and they pair well with garlic or balsamic vinegar.

Monterey Mushrooms recently re-tooled its website ( to create a better visitor experience.

“We know people are looking for information and recipes away from a traditional desktop environment, and we wanted to deliver a clean, easy-to-use site that has everything Monterey Mushrooms in one place,” said O’Brien. “The website also houses the company’s electronic books in one location and links to our blogs and social media channels.”


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