A lack of THIS vitamin will leave you ‘open to attack from invading viruses … – Express.co.uk

It’s not just the booze causing problems with the liver that should be waking you up with worry on Christmas morning. 

It turns out alcohol can actually have a seriously detrimental effect on the level of vitamins in your body, thus causing more issues. Gulp! 

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Suzie said: “Christmas can often stretch for over a month when we take into account all the preparation, pre-Christmas parties and extended days for the actual celebrations.  However, during this time we will frequently be very busy, which causes us to feel stressed and puts the body under more duress.

“The body uses up more nutrients, particularly vitamin C, the B vitamins and magnesium, partly because the adrenal glands that control the stress response are on overload. 

“Additionally, alcohol depletes vitamin C causing more stress – it can be a vicious cycle.”


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