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Vitamin C is known as the “sunshine vitamin”, which is something we could all do with at this time of year. If you’re feeling a bit dull and grey, using vitamin C in your skincare can really perk it up.

It is used in so much skincare because scientists have found a way to stabilise ascorbic acid as a cosmetic ingredient. Vitamin C used to be notorious for going off and turning lotions and potions into stinky goo. However, all that has been done away with, and I’ve been using vitamin C-rich products for a few years. Much of the skincare I rate highly contains it.

So why is vitamin C such good news? Using serums or moisturisers with this vitamin helps to keep skin firmer by strengthening collagen. This means the look of wrinkles and lines can decrease, and it helps prevent formation of further lines. It also gives a low level of sun protection.

Vitamin C also brightens skin, fades sun spots and evens out tone. As soon as I see a product that promises to fade hyperpigmentation, I need it urgently in my life. At the moment , I’m using Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spots Solution because it uses a faster-acting version of vitamin C, which can be absorbed quickly into the skin. I find that once it has dried in, I can layer another serum on top if I want more moisture.

It’s generally agreed that 10 per cent or more of vitamin C in a product is the optimum level to make a real difference to skin. Don’t be put off if your potion of choice contains less than this amount, however. It will still work, albeit more slowly, and will be kinder to sensitive skin. The Body Shop Vitamin C range, as well as looking deliciously juicy, will give you some of the benefits.

The effects of vitamin C are amplified by other complementary ingredients. When it is mixed with other antioxidants such as vitamins A and E, it becomes more potent. Depending on the brand, you’ll find it mixed with lots of other ingredients, from liquorice (a pigment fader) to hyaluronic acid (a moisturiser), which all provide different skin benefits. In other words ,vitamin C is a real team player. Twitter@aismcdermott

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