‘Apology not necessary': CNN guest gloats after he is proven right about whistleblower contacting Adam Schiff staff – Washington Examiner

A GOP analyst took a shot at CNN host Chris Cuomo for discounting his analysis and suspicion that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff knew about a CIA whistleblower complaint before it was officially filed.

Fred Fleitz, formerly a CIA analyst and House Intelligence Committee staffer, appeared Tuesday on Cuomo Prime Time and posited that Schiff knew ahead of time the details in the whistleblower complaint that has ignited a push toward impeachment by House Democrats.

Fleitz’s analysis was proved correct a day later when it was reported that the whistleblower had contacted Schiff’s staff on the House Intelligence Committee before filing a complaint with the Intelligence Community inspector general, who is responsible for investigating corruption in federal intelligence agencies.

“You were pretty hard on me last night on @CNN last night [sic] @ChrisCuomo when I told you that I assessed @RepAdamSchiff probably knew about the CIA whistleblower in advance. We now know from the NYT that I was right. Apology not necessary,” Fleitz tweeted on Wednesday.

Cuomo had cast doubt on Fleitz’s analysis on Monday, discounting Fleitz’s experience and suggesting his analysis was tainted by partisan leanings. Cuomo cited the inspector general’s assessment of the witness as “credible” and the complaint being of “urgent concern.”

“Who do you think had more information about who this whistleblower is and what backed up their complaint? You, a staffer of the Republican variety, or the IG?” Cuomo said at one point in the segment.

Fleitz’s analysis was based his familiarity with whistleblower complaints, noting that the one in question was unusual in the way it was written and appeared to have been crafted by lawyers. Fleitz also noted that Schiff had been tweeting out accusations that appeared in the complaint in August before the complaint had been filed.


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