ASDM Beverly Hills Intensive Repair Vitamin C Serum

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on August 31, 2016

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By Gretchen B.

As I’m nearing 60 years of age, I don’t have much patience for a lot of things, especially skin care that doesn’t play well with the other products I’m using. I was interested to see how ASDM Beverly Hills Intensive Repair Vitamin C Serum ($32) would fit into my current regimen. The Vitamin C is delivered as MAP (15% magnesium ascorbyl phosphate), which is said to be a stable form.

There are many powerhouse ingredients in ASDM Beverly Hills’s Vitamin C Serum besides vitamin C. It also contains Matrixyl 3000 to stimulate collagen production, as well as hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump skin. There are a handful of antioxidants and skin nutrients, including green tea extract, aloe vera, vitamin E, grape seed oil extract and several more. Together they promise to increase collagen, decrease pigmentation and give a healthy glow. It’s as if they decided to put all the skin care heroes into one product.

In just over a month of using this product, I’ve seen slight improvements in my skin’s firmness and in how long it takes for my skin to recover after a breakout (yes, still getting acne cysts). The most impressive improvement, which I must attribute to this product, is the disappearance of a tiny but persistent dry patch of skin just under the inner corner of my eye. I’ve had it for years and nothing, not even the best eye creams or moisturizers could heal the dryness for more than a day. Now, it simply doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my rosacea — I’m not even sure which ingredient to thank for that.

This lightweight serum sinks in quickly and a little goes a long way — after shaking the bottle well before each use, one pump covers my face and one pump covers my neck. I apply moisturizer (or my tinted moisturizer/foundation) about one minute after using the serum and my skin feels soft, firm and not overly oily. Plus, it doesn’t roll up into little balls or cause make-up to stick or drag over areas where it’s been applied. This means I’ll actually use the product every day, even when I’m in a rush, because it’s that’s easy.

Most of the ingredients in this serum create improvements over a longer period of time than the five weeks I’ve been using it, so I didn’t expect to see instant results. However, the improvements I did see, how easy was to incorporate into my regimen and its very reasonable price point give me high hopes for continued use in the future.