BREAKING: Suspicious Powder in mail at Fremont County Circuit Court was … – County 10


Fremont County Undersheriff Ryan Lee said the substance was later identified as Vitamin C granules. He said federal officials are investigating ad the powder was sent through the mail.

UPDATE AT 3:19 p.m.

Fremont County Sheriff Skip Hornecker said moments ago that the suspicious white power that came out of an envelope addressed to the Ninth District Circuit Court in Riverton “was not harmful.”

The sheriff said they do not yet know what the substance is, but they know what it is not. “The test by the Regional Response Team members was to determine if the substance was dangerous,” he said. “They determined it was not.”

As a precautionary measure, the building was evacuated by all but one person. Chief Court Clerk Wendy Sutherland stayed inside until the “all-clear” was given. She then made a bee-line to Judge Wesley A. Roberts, who was waiting outside in his pickup truck to give him a report.

Two members of the Riverton Fire Department suited up in HazMat safety suits and entered the building to test the powder.

The Fremont  County Office Center houses the Ninth District Circuit Court offices, the Riverton Division of the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office and the Fremont County and Prosecuting Attorney’s Riverton staff.

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