Do Vitamin C tablets contain too much SALT? Dr Steele explain … –

“The study talks about the tablets being as bad as two bags of ready salted crisps, but is that two tablets? Is it a daily dose, is it a tube of the tablets? There is no information to tell you more than that.”

NHS Choices has issued advice over taking vitamin supplements.

It said: “If you’re trying to cut down on your salt intake, you might want to avoid vitamin and mineral supplements that come as effervescent or fizzy tablets, as they can contain up to 1g of salt per tablet.”

Adults should consume no more 6g salt a day – the equivalent of a teaspoon.

However, millions of Britons regularly consume far more than that – 32 per cent more than the recommended intake at 8.1g per day – raising their risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.


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