Erectile dysfunction cure – adding THIS to your diet could improve sex –

Men suffering with the condition are warned that being overweight, or even obese can alter hormone levels and lower testosterone – which can lead to impotence.

Dr Kim Clugston, a Fertility Expert at DuoFertility Mobile, a service which aids natural conception, revealed diet can affect erectile dysfunction.

“Being overweight or obese can alter hormone levels, lowering testosterone which can impact semen quality and contribute to erectile dysfunction or impotence,” she said.

Experts have previously said watermelon could help men treat erectile dysfunction – as it contains a high concentrations of an amino acid called citrulline.

Citrulline is converted into the amino acid arginine, which boosts nitric oxide – the responsible agent for relaxing and dilating blood vessels.

A scientific study in 2011 concluded that citrulline consumption had a ‘significant positive impact’ for people suffering with mild erectile dysfunction.


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