Get Your Vitamin C Fix With This Tropical Kiwi and Papaya Smoothie –

In the mood for a tropical vacation? While we can’t send you to Hawaii, we can serve up the next best thing: a vitamin-packed smoothie that delivers plenty of tropical flavors like papaya and kiwi. As a bonus, this drink is a great source of immunity-boosting vitamin C and low in saturated fat and sodium, so you don’t have to feel at all guilty about satisfying your sweet tooth.

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This easy-to-make recipe includes just five ingredients and takes ten minutes to blend up. To make it, you’ll need peeled and chopped papaya and kiwi fruits (look for them in the freezer aisle if you can’t find them in the produce section), lime juice, agave nectar, and low-fat frozen yogurt. Combine everything in your blender and pulse until the smoothie is a creamy consistency. Pour in a glass, add a straw (or a drink umbrella, if you’re feeling festive), and you’re ready to enjoy this vitamin C-filled concoction.


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