Infanticidal virtue-signaling sparked Virginia Democrats’ self-immolation – Washington Examiner

Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam faces hundreds of calls from the nation’s top Democratic leaders to resign. It’s all because of a photo supposedly depicting him in either blackface or a Ku Klux Klan hood.

His second in command, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, now stands credibly accused of raping a woman at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. His reaction to the allegation on Monday was, and I quote, ” Fuck that bitch.”

The third in line for the governor’s mansion, Attorney General Mark Herring, initially called on Northam to resign, preaching boldly on how the donning of blackface, which belittles African-American Virginians, makes the governor unworthy to lead the state. But then yesterday, Herring also confessed to wearing blackface in college. Like Northam, he did this in the 1980s, not decades earlier when perhaps he might have pleaded some kind of ignorance or blindness about just how offensive it was.

There are no words to properly describe the Virginia Democratic Party’s current self-immolation. The most recent full-state party meltdown like it would have to be what Ohio Republicans went through in 2006. But that was just a case of petty corruption — it is not nearly as rich or interesting, and I suspect that its obliteration of the state party’s image was not nearly as complete as the effect that this Virginia bonfire will have in the long term.

How did we get here? Well, all of these alleged crimes would have remained buried in history if not for the infanticidal virtue signaling of Democratic state Del. Kathy Tran.

It was only last Tuesday that Tran’s speech about her abortion bill, H.B. 2491, was uploaded onto YouTube. H.B. 2491 would have effectively legalized third-trimester abortions right up until birth, so long as one physician claimed that the pregnancy in question imposed physical or mental stress on the mother. The bill itself was dead on arrival, but Tran and a number of Virginia Democrats wanted to signal their woke viciousness — to prove they’re progressive enough to legalize the murder of viable, pain-capable fetuses right up to the end of a pregnancy.

Amid the ensuing outrage, Northam gave his infamous and disastrous interview defending Tran’s bill, which — might I emphasize again — had no real pathway to the governor’s desk anyway. This is what prompted a former peer of Northam’s, disgusted by the governor’s flagrant disdain for human life, to leak the blackface photo to the right-wing blog Big League Politics. And the rest is history.

As wild as this chaos is, any story involving a rape and two instances of racism is a tragedy. But bad men backing the murder of babies had to face their downfalls any possible way, the schadenfreude of Virginia Democrats trying to prove their wokeness and willingness to slaughter the unborn surely does the trick.


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