Listen to Clean Cut Kid’s ‘Vitamin C’ – The 405

It was only the other day that I was pondering on why there aren’t more songs written about Vitamins – They’re healthy, they’re great, they’re essential. What’s there not to like?! Right on cue comes ‘Vitamin C’ from Liverpudlian four-piece Clean Cut Kid.

The tetchy, bouncy, and at times wonderfully ethereal, ode to the Scurvy-preventer (albeit in an anthropological sense) is reminiscent of an experimental early ’70s Fleetwood Mac effort sent through a brit pop distortion pedal and thrown against a backdrop of fleeting Gameboy music. All of which I’m pretty keen on to be honest.

If you like the single – which is set to drop on July 24th via Babe Magnet/Polydor Records – be sure to catch them on June 9th at the Social in London.

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