Medik8 CE-Thione Rechargeable Vitamin C Serum

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by
on May 8, 2015


When you receive a random compliment from someone who happens to think that you are twenty years younger than your actual age, you tend to react in pleasurable shock with a BIG “thank you” and feel like you must be aging backwards. Then you ask yourself, “Ok, what am I doing differently? What have I changed in my lifestyle and everyday routine that has made me worthy and deserving of such a mind-blowing belief and observation?!”

Indeed, and not by coincidence, I convinced myself that it’s got to be the awesome, potent and super-charged vitamin C serum I have added to my skin care regimen about a month ago. Medik8 CE-Thione Rechargeable Vitamin C Serum ($150 in the shop) has been an exciting new find and a treat for my skin.

With much love of the product and success with testing for review, I have inducted this skin care savior into my anti-aging special reserve battalion and Hall of Fame. Along with Medik8 CE-Tetra ($115 in the shop), a vitamin C serum, and Medik8 Firewall ($145 in the shop), a professional strength super antioxidant pro-collagen formula with Cusodase-P, I am building a strong barrier to shield and stave off aging. I can only imagine what more accelerated results I may experience with introducing some of Medik8’s other products, which are surely as impressive as my current hit list of favorites. Since vitamin C works synergistically with vitamin A, it would make perfect sense to try the Medik8 Retinol line and benefit from this one-two-punch vitamin cocktail mix.

Later this year, I will officially enter the mid-fifties “mid-life last hurrah” segment of my life before I sashay into the sexy sixties and be gleaned senior status. The clock is nonstop ticking away and the years behind me have gathered dust and memories of more youthful days. I refuse, however, to succumb to rust and REAL aging. Instead, I plan to continue doing what I’m doing and stay vigilant with my high-maintenance skin therapy. I will not compromise when it comes to my “must haves”: a serum with growth factors, a serum with vitamin C and serums and/or creams with peptides and retinol. (And sunscreen of course, which is not optional.)

Because Medik8’s CE-Thione contains professional strength vitamin C, plus vitamin E and glutathione, it truly has made the most positive impact on my skin, compared to other vitamin C serums I have used over the years. The dewy glow is phenomenal and my skin is soft and smooth with no roughness or mottled uneven texture. Even my deeper lines and pores are diminished. I have had no sensitivity issues whatsoever, and the fragrance is slight and subtle and disappears quickly without a trace of scent. The texture of the product is perfect…light and moisturizing.The consistency is just right—not too thin and not too thick, very velvety and quickly absorbed. Where other vitamin C serums have not always agreed with my skin and caused irritation and breakouts, this one has not. This is definitely my go-to favorite vitamin C serum of all time!

In comparison with Medik8 CE-Tetra, the product’s cost is a little more ($150 vs. $115 for Ce-Tetra; 30 ml size), but the superior results and enhanced quality and ingredients are on an even parallel to justify the difference.

I use the serum only in the morning and use about three to four drops, even though the company recommends five-plus drops per application. The eye dropper applicator/delivery system is easy and mess-free. I pat the serum into my skin and then apply moisturizer, sunscreen and a makeup primer before I apply my foundation. A little goes a long way and the two (2) 0.05 ounce bottles should last about four months or longer with using the product once a day. I give this product a two thumbs-up recommendation and it should be suitable for all ages and skin types. For anyone who may experience some sensitivity, I would suggest scaling back on the usage amount and/or substituting or interchanging with the CE-Tetra serum which has a lower concentration of vitamin C.