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Vitamin C can be used both as an internal supplement and also as an external addition to your skin care routine for younger, healthier looking skin. When you eat vitamin C through your diet the skin naturally uses it for the skin but as you age the skin stops using as it as effectively and can use a little extra help. Little of the vitamin C that you eat actually gets used for the skin and when it does the water-soluble vitamin will be excreted again from the skin quite quickly. It is important to take it and use it externally on a regular basis for the best results. The vitamin C as an antioxidant is an important part of the skins resiliency and elasticity.

Vitamin C also helps the skin build collagen, which is what keeps it looking youthful and full of volume. When you lose collagen in the face you may notice the skin wrinkles and loss volume. Getting enough vitamin C may be able to help slow down the formation of wrinkles to begin with.

Putting vitamin C directly on the skin can help protect the skin from pollutants in the air, from the suns rays, and from indoor cleaning products and toxins. Vitamin C can also be helpful for reducing the appearance of age spots on the skin. Age spots are basically a sort of damage from the sun and the antioxidants in vitamin C can help reverse the damage to the skin cells. Some of the fine lines on the face are also due to UV damage and can actually be reversed with the helps of vitamin C.

For the skin applying vitamin C topically as opposed to just taking it internally might be up to twenty times for effective. Facial products with active sources of vitamin C should show ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid on the ingredients list. Vitamin C will not negatively affect any of your other skin care products, in fact it will actually work better alongside other antioxidants are can up their skin helping potential.

If you put vitamin C on your face in the morning you can give your face an extra advantage against the suns strong rays.

Don’t get impatient if you do not an immediate result from applying topical forms of vitamin C to the skin, it can take up to six months before you will see the maximum results. (But you should start seeing changes to the skin within 2-8 weeks.) Use it daily to experience a positive change in the skin.

Using vitamin C topically on the skin seems revolutionary but it has actually been done for hundreds of years in practices like crushing rose petals to the apply to the face and using different vitamin C rich fruits directly on the skin.

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