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Arlington, VA, April 06, 2016 –(– Dr. Andrew Chadeayne has been issued a patent for a stable form of vitamin C – which does not breakdown in liquid solution. While vitamin C is useful anywhere that oxidation is a problem, it breaks down rapidly.

According to the inventor, Dr. Chadeayne, “This is the first stable solution of naturally occurring vitamin C and water.”

The problem for most companies is that vitamin C has been notoriously hard to formulate and incorporate into products because it is highly unstable, especially in water. Normally, solutions of vitamin C and water degrade within a few days.

Because of stability problems, commercial formulators use unnatural derivatives of vitamin C and/or add stabilizers to the formulations. Because consumers demand all natural products, a natural version of C gives companies a marketing advantage for their products.

But chemists also benefit from this new technology. Vitamin C is a useful molecule and this patent allows a simpler, better, more elegant way to provide the molecule to everyone who needs it.

“I would have expected a solution of vitamin C to degrade in a matter of days,” said Dr. Marshak, chemistry professor at University of Colorado Boulder. “The inventor came out with a surprising result.”

The patent is marked by its founder – who already incorporates the technology into products that neutralize chlorine (a function that vitamin C does naturally). Because the molecule breaks down so rapidly, prior to this discovery, incorporating C into products was difficult. But now C can be used in a wide range of products and store for long periods.

SwimSpray is looking to work with other companies that understand the benefits of the molecule and want to incorporate a natural, stable form of it.

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