Réve Hyalu CV251 Vitamin C Cream

Reviewed by
TIA Community Member
on October 4, 2016


By Tina M.

As an avid user of vitamin C products, I was quite excited to be asked to test and review Réve Hyalu’s CV251 Vitamin C Cream ($69). I’m in my 50s with combination skin. I grew up in Hawaii long before the daily use of sunscreens was the norm — think laying on the beach all day slathered in baby oil — so brown spots and patches are my number one skin care concern. I have found the research on topical application of vitamin C to be very compelling. Studies show that it aids in collagen production, helps with those pesky lines and spots, and provides protection from UV radiation.

Réve Hyalu is a company from Italy that, according to their website, uses biotechnology dating back thousands of years. CV251 Vitamin C Cream contains L-ascorbic acid, the most stable form of C. Vitamin C has a tendency to break down when exposed to light or moisture, which is why it is best stored in dry, dark areas. I keep mine on the dresser in my bedroom.

The instructions suggest both morning and night application, massaging the cream in to promote proper absorption. I must say all of the other vitamin C serums I have used often included the addition of hyaluronic acid for added moisture and ferulic acid, another highly effective antioxidant. I found this product left my skin feeling tight and dry, even after using either a moisturizer or a night cream. It left my skin needing more.

I’m also not thrilled with a couple of the preservatives, namely phenoxyethanol and sodium benzoate. As for any reduction of brown spots and patches, I saw no improvement. Maybe this would work better on younger skin that isn’t dry and as pigmented. As for me, I’ll be going back to my Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum ($29.99 in the shop).