Rising Vitamin C Sales Could Be Red Flag for Fentanyl: Choices for Youth – VOCM

An increased demand for vitamin C among people requesting drug injection kits is leading officials to believe that opioid use, particularly fentanyl, is on the rise locally.

Drugs like fentanyl are not water soluble, and people looking to inject the drug must use more acidic substances to break it apart.

That’s according to Jane Henderson, a senior manager with Choices for Youth. She says she’s hearing about a higher demand for vitamin C with injection kits, which indicates users may be using fentanyl.

She says they’ve distributed 16 naloxone kits, at least three of which have been used in overdose situations. While they’ve noticed a slight increase in demand for vitamin C, others are telling her there has been a spiked demand recently.

Henderson says people are concerned about the possibility of overdose, which is very easy with fentanyl.

She says the drug also has a significant half-life, meaning it stays in the system much longer than what people may expert.

Fentanyl has been linked to an alarming increase in overdose deaths across the country in recent years, including some in this province.


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