Sciote Vitamin C 20% Super Serum

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by
on July 15, 2015


by Karin

I was provided the opportunity to review a vitamin C serum called Sciote Vitamin C 20% Super Serum ($85 in the shop). Typically I make my own vitamin C and ventured into DIY-land (do it yourself) after feeling like I wasted money on pre-made vitamin C due to experiencing premature oxidation. While DIY vitamin C serum is fresh it is very basic. It is usually just Vitamin “C” and a few ingredients. By making it yourself you do give up the luxury of a well rounded serum. So when this opportunity came my way and I was very interested to see what I might be missing.

The Sciote company is very serious about skin care with a strong philosophy highlighting “pure & clean ingredients, mindfulness and knowledge.” The 20% Super Serum is in their “C” line category and is chock full of serious ingredients that would benefit most skin types. Vitamin C ­ is a known potent antioxidant for its support in collagen production, increase in skin elasticity, sun damage repair, and brightening effects. Some of the other ingredients include Hyalurosmooth, ­ a natural hyaluronic acid for superior moisture retention and reducing fine lines. Gotu kola extract is found to be rich in amino acids and numerous potent phytochemicals which aid in new cell growth stimulation, build collagen and improve circulation.

Sciote doesn’t stop there. This serum also has horsetail plant extract, geranium extract, aloe and dandelion. They are all highly effective extracts that aid in boosting this serum potency. I think a DIY’er would be hard pressed to mirror even a small percentage of this partial list of highly effective, potent ingredients at a feasible price point. So based on ingredients and cost this is a winner.

But how did it work on my 58 year-old skin? With the first application I was impressed. It is a clear liquid not a cream which I prefer. I dispensed it on the back of my hand in a small puddle then applied it to face, neck and decolletage area. The remainder went to the back of my hands. It absorbed quickly, leaving my skin feeling deeply moisturized and refreshed. There was no residue at all of any kind.

This is a powerful serum. Within a few days I had a brightened evened skin tone. My complexion appears well taken care of and radiant. As a vitamin C serum this certainly performs above and beyond with no signs of oxidation. But this is not a basic vitamin C serum. It seems the well-rounded additional luxury ingredients aid in the absorption of Vitamin C and supercharge it to the next level. Sciote Vitamin C 20% Super Serum is a stable, potent serum that provides visual proof it is working. Thank you for the opportunity to review Sciote 20% Super Serum – it is truly a great product.