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TAMPA — An entire floor of rooms at the Tampa Marriott Waterside now feature wellness devices that include air purifiers, “circadian rhythym” lighting, aromatherapy and showers with Vitamin C in the water.

The 27-story hotel is one of five Marriott properties in the world to dedicate a floor to the “Stay Well” program. The rooms will run guests anywhere from $25 to $40 more than a traditional room.

Marriott is teaming up with Delos, the company known for its Wellness Real Estate programs in office spaces and other venues, to offer the amenities.

Stay Well guests can enjoy features like “Long Wave Night Lighting” in which certain areas of the room are dimly lit, making a nighttime visit to the bathroom less likely to result in a stubbed toe; and the “dawn simulator,” which wakes guests gradually by slowly increasing the volume of music or natural sound coupled with emerging light.

Ron McAnaugh, general manager of the 719-room hotel, spoke with the Tampa Bay Times recently about the new Stay Well program.

So what does all this stuff mean?

Marriott has been testing this Stay Well product from Delos in different properties, including ours. Delos is an innovator in health and wellness and this is the first time we’ve tried to incorporate some of those elements in guest rooms. We are owned by Strategic Property Partners through Jeff Vinik and Cascade Investment (which are planning a $2 billion re-development of 40 acres downtown). They’ve made a commitment that what they plan to build in Tampa will be wellness certified. About nine months ago they were at the launch in New York City for Delos and continue to be involved.

Marriott first tested the program at a hotel in Charlotte. It’s also available in guest rooms at the Atlanta Marquee, one of our bigger convention hotels, and a few others. An entire floor, or 35 rooms, have been converted at our property in Tampa.

Tell me more about what the experience is like.

I personally stayed in one of the rooms to see it for myself. It’s a completely different feel than the rest of the hotel. It even has a different aroma. The first thing you notice is the lighting, which is what I think personally sets the room apart. The mattress is incredibly comfortable. It takes it up a notch. I think that’s one of the most important parts because you’re going to spend most of your time in the room on the bed. You can even feel the difference in the shower. It’s not like you’re bathing in a glass of orange juice, but it’s there.

Why do you think this program will do well in Tampa?

Wellness is on the top of everyone’s mind. We thought dedicating an entire floor to these new amenities would help differentiate our property from others in the market. These are features that are not available anywhere else. So guests who are looking for that boutique kind of experience can get that here when they stay at the Tampa Waterside.

We’ve tried different room types and added new features before. At one time we offered a spa room, which was basically a guest room with some spa-like amenities. But we’ve never had a program like this that offers all of these components in one room.

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