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BOCA RATON, FL–(Marketwired – March 22, 2016) – Doctor C, a company based out of Arizona with the focus of developing, packaging and promoting a new technologically advanced vitamin C supplement called The Right C®, is pleased to announce that the product is now for sale on the US Market.

Developed by many of the same core people (scientists, clinicians, researchers, and business people) who brought us Ester C® — The Right C® is an new and advanced crystal form of vitamin C with a strongly attached sodium molecule and a special complex of metabolites. It features technological advances that allow for vitamin C to be available to the body as the body needs it.

“Conventional vitamin C products, along with most other food nutrients we consume, rely solely on the glucose pathway for absorption into our cells. When vitamin C has to essentially ‘wait in line’ for absorption, it can impair the uptake of vitamin C into the cells,” said Travis Lingenfelter, CEO of Doctor C. “The Right C® advanced vitamin C formula has been specifically complexed with other nutrients that enable the utilization of all four absorption pathways into our cells, allowing for far superior absorption.”

In studies conducted in Oslo, Norway under the direction of Dr. Roald Strand, scientists determined the rate of oral absorption with The Right C® was up to 400 percent faster than regular vitamin C. This rapid absorption is due in part to its special crystal form of the vitamin with a strongly attached sodium molecule, which yields a non-acidic nutrient with a neutral Ph. Because of its neutral form, The Right C® eliminates, or greatly reduces, the normal intestinal distress that occurs with some individuals taking large amounts of regular vitamin C.

It also contains 5 percent Riboperine™ Metabolite Complex, which has been shown to further enhance the uptake and absorption of vitamin C into the body, as well as assist in maximizing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels, thus possibly providing an all-natural cellular energy boost — only available with The Right C®.

“Quoting Sherry Levin, PH.D, vitamin C is essential for over 300 functions in the body, more than any other single vitamin; and there is finally an efficient way to get it with The Right C® product now available in the US Market,” Lingenfelter said.

According to Lingenfelter most consumers don’t realize that humans are one of only four species that lack the natural ability to produce vitamin C in their bodies. Most animals in the living world produce their own vitamin C. By a change in genes sometime in history, humans have lost the ability to make vitamin C from sugar as we lack the necessary enzyme for the process. So we humans have to take in vitamin C daily from our diet and/or through proper supplementation.

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