Doctor C LLC, a company based in Arizona known for its popular vitamin C supplement The Right C®, announced it is bringing that product to, a health and nutritional products website.

The Right C® provides powerful boosts of vitamin C with outstanding absorption rates, which beat out standard vitamin C supplements by as much as 196 percent. Having the right amount of vitamin C in one’s system is important for strengthening the immune system, supporting collagen production, providing sufficient antioxidants and many other benefits. Now that the product is available on, more consumers than ever will have access to it.

“We are thrilled to announce that The Right C® is now available for purchase on,” said Travis Lingenfelter, CEO of Doctor C LLC. “This is a product supported by numerous clinical studies performed by respected researchers, and it has already helped many people across the nation and beyond achieve better immune system health. The people who regularly visit already have a good understanding of the importance of nutrition, so we believe they will be very receptive to what we have to offer them.”

The Right C® is able to provide such outstanding absorption rates by utilizing all four cellular pathways. It also acts as a buffer to a non-acidic, neutral pH, which helps to greatly reduce or even eliminate intestinal distress that some people ingesting large amounts of vitamin C might occasionally experience. The supplement also contains Riboperine™, a unique metabolite complex that has been shown to enhance the absorption and abilities of vitamin C and can also improve the production of cellular energy while boosting antioxidant defense mechanisms.

Many of the researchers who developed and tested The Right C® were also responsible for the development of the popular Ester C® product, which means this is an experienced and trusted team. Because of this experience, researchers were able to make The Right C® the supplement capable of delivering vitamin C in the most advanced bio-available, stomach friendly manner possible.

“We are pleased to be able to continue to expand our brand’s reach and create new sales partnerships to bring these benefits to more people than ever,” said Lingenfelter.

For more information about Doctor C and The Right C®, including full clinical studies and testimonies from medical doctors and researchers, visit