The Right C(R) Advanced Vitamin Product Is Introduced at ECRM Event – Marketwired (press release)

BOCA RATON, FL –(Marketwired – May 31, 2016) – Doctor C, a company based out of Arizona, is introducing a technologically-advanced vitamin C supplement called The Right C® at the ECRM event this June, represented by Nutritional Products International. The ECRM trade show gives companies of all types a chance to come and meet with some of the nutritional, health, and sports product industry’s foremost buyers and executives.

Many readers may remember when the Ester-C® product was introduced to the marketplace. At the time, it was considered “the Cadillac” of vitamin C products. The Right C® was developed by many of the same key individuals (scientists, clinicians, researchers and business people) who brought the Ester C® product to the marketplace over twenty years ago. The Right C® is designed to provide all of the known benefits of vitamin C in a more bioavailable and better absorbed form.

The Right C® is a powerful new technologically-advanced form of vitamin C specifically formulated to enter the cell through multiple pathways, providing up to 400 percent superior absorption over regular vitamin C products. More rapid absorption means that The Right C® raises plasma vitamin C levels at a faster rate than regular vitamin C products. In turn, the higher levels promote more rapid increases in intracellular vitamin C. Thus, the cell can utilize C at a higher rate in cell metabolism. The end result is that all of the important benefits of vitamin C — including its powerful anti-oxidant activity, role in strengthening immune system function, importance in collagen production, and other key functions — are all expected to be improved.

“If you aren’t taking The Right C®, then you are taking the wrong vitamin C. With vitamin C, how rapidly you can get it absorbed into the cells is the most important factor, otherwise you’re just wasting a large percentage of the money you spend on vitamin C,” said Travis Lingenfelter, CEO of Doctor C.

Unlike most animals, humans are one of only four species (humans, apes, guinea pigs, and fruit bats) on the planet that are incapable of producing vitamin C on their own. We lack the necessary enzyme for the process. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that is involved in more than 300 bodily functions — more than any other single vitamin. In addition to these benefits, The Right C® contains Riboperine™, a metabolite complex which has been shown to further enhance the uptake of vitamin C and which may also improve cellular energy (ATP) production, as well as support other anti-oxidant defense mechanisms in the body — two benefits not available from other vitamin C products!

Stomach gentle, pH-neutral (non-acidic) means that The Right C® is a better form of vitamin C that can be taken in higher doses without the side effects common to regular forms of vitamin C, including gastrointestinal upset.

“We at Doctor C are ecstatic to have The Right C® introduced to the largest retailers in the United States at the ECRM event and hope to provide our consumers additional availability of our products with new partnerships,” said Lingenfelter. “There is now a better, more effective way to get your daily intake of the essential vitamin, with the next generation of vitamin C — The Right C®.”

The Right C® comes in both an easy-swallow caplet and tasteless, rapidly-dissolving powder that can be added to any beverage. To find out more about Doctor C and The Right C®, including full clinical studies and doctor testimonials, visit


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