There’s nothing fuzzy about kiwi’s vitamin C – The San Diego Union-Tribune

February is a good time to boost your vitamin C, which isn’t a problem with dazzling winter citrus flooding our farmers markets. But if you’d like to switch things up, then try another appealing fruit, the kiwi.

With their distinctive sweet-tart flavor, these fuzzy fruits pack a punch of nutrition. Just two kiwis provide more than 280 percent of your daily vitamin C needs and come in at a low 100 calories! Though available year-round at supermarkets, they’re currently in peak season at SoCal farmers markets.

When selecting, look for unblemished, fruit with a soft, fuzzy skin. Give the fruit a gentle squeeze. If it’s hard, it’s unripe. If it’s mushy, it’s overripe. If it gives just a little, then it’s time to eat it. Don’t worry about size — smaller kiwis taste just as delicious as larger ones. Although the skin is edible, most people prefer to eat them peeled.

Since kiwis pair beautifully with tropical fruits such as mango and papaya and sour foods such as yogurt and lime, they’re ideal in parfaits and smoothie bowls. They also make a delightful addition to cocktails, smoothies, fruit salads, savory salads and salsas.


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