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Geoff Dawe, Byrrill Ck.

The vaccination debate needs philosophical widening. The late Dr Archie Kalokerinos resorted to injecting patients with vitamin C in approximately the 1980s when he found a link between the injection of vitamin C and the remission of Sudden Infant Death syndrome. Now there is a clinic in Mullumbimby where doctors and nurses administer vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals intravenously as a matter of course for diseases generally.

For all the talk of science in the medical industry there is not the common sense testing of the population to see if there is an epidemic of lack of vitamins and minerals . Might that be because there is money to be made in technological medical cures and in the competitive, technocratic society, industry is first and people are mere raw materials and markets for industry?

Dr Douglas (Echo, 3/5/17) asks in regard to immunisation, is a parent comfortable that they have protected their child with all their capacities if they don’t immunise? I would ask doctors if they are using all their capacities if they use technological intervention procedures against a dictum of Hippocrates, ‘do no harm’. A pinprick does harm.

Furthermore, are doctor’s capacities taking into account the long-term view of health that considers that disease may be mostly a function of depressed immune systems? Are doctors voicing concerns that the technocracy has degraded drinking water, food and air? Is the stress experienced by humans living in a technocratic, pre-human competitive society, and the myriad of toxins they take in daily of no health consequence?

Winding back the technocracy can begin with lovingly tending a backyard orange tree that is a well-known producer of vitamin C. For vitamin D, try the incomparable simplicity of being naked in the sun.



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