A Boy Found In Kentucky Says He Escaped From Kidnappers After Disappearing Eight Years Ago – BuzzFeed News

A 14-year-old boy told authorities in Kentucky on Wednesday he’d just escaped from two kidnappers and identified himself as a child who went missing almost eight years ago in Illinois.

Timmothy Pitzen was 6 years old when he disappeared in 2011, and family members continued to believe he was alive and ask for any information that could lead to his whereabouts.

“I know that he’s out there,” his aunt Kara Jacobs told the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children last year. “We just have to find him.”

On Wednesday, a 14-year-old boy told authorities he was Pitzen and that he’d escaped from two men who had been keeping him in captivity, according to a police report. The teen was spotted in a Newport, Kentucky, neighborhood by residents who called police, a Cincinnati Fox affiliate reported. Neighbors at first thought he looked suspicious, then realized he was bruised and appeared scared, they told the station.


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