A Gunman Opened Fire During A Wedding At A Church In New Hampshire – BuzzFeed News

A gunman opened fire during a wedding ceremony at a church in Pelham, New Hampshire, on Saturday, injuring at least two people before he was overpowered by guests.

Pelham police said they were called to an active shooter situation at the New England Pentecostal Church at around 10:12 a.m. local time, arriving within three minutes.

Police arrested the suspected shooter and rendered medical aid to the two people injured by gunshots, a man and a woman. They were then taken to local hospitals for further treatment.

Officials have not yet identified the suspect, nor those injured. However, police say it appears the wedding was specifically targeted.

“This does not seem to be a random event at this point,” Pelham Police Chief Joseph Roark told reporters at a briefing. “At least that’s what preliminary investigation is telling us.”


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