With Hurricane Dorian looming, have you checked your survival kit to make sure it has enough CBD oils, IV water and honey to sustain you and your dog?

As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was urging residents Friday to gear up for a potential Category 4 life-threatening storm, businesses across the Sunshine State are using the #HurricaneDorian hashtag on Instagram as a way to hawk everything from liquid IV’s to children’s dolls.

“Worried about pet anxiety with the #HurricaneDorian on the way? #CBD is a great option to help your #furbabies keep calm,” reads one post.

“Here’s a way to avoid the madness over bottled water during Hurricane prep, get a Hydration IV,” says another.

The posts are appearing amongst warnings about the coming storm, memes and, of course, pictures of dogs with forlorn looks on their faces.

Two of the posts are from businesses based in Florida that sell honey.

“Due to the healing abilities and nutritional value of raw honey it’s a must have in our hurricane kit!” one says.


Another post by a business that sells children’s toys shows a doll with a glum look on its face in front of a screen indicating Dorian’s current location – and sustained wind speeds of 110 mph.

DeSantis says Florida residents looking for specific information regarding ongoing preparations for the storm in their communities should visit floridadisaster.org/info.