Getting Donald Trump out of the White House must be the priority of all Democrats, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders told CNN’s town hall participants Monday night. Not only because he tried to throw more than 30M people out of health care, and not only because, after promising tax cuts for everyone, the biggest beneficiary has been the top 1%.

“It’s something even deeper,” Sanders insisted, calling Trump the first president in our country’s modern history to divide people up based on the color of their skin, their religion, their sexual preference, what country they were born in, and their religion.

“This is an outrage,” Sanders said.

Sanders said he has conservative friends who he says are honest people and their difference in opinion is “called democracy.”

President Donald Trump, however, is a “pathological liar” who “has to be exposed.”

To that end, Sanders promised to bring a lie  detector should he ever debate Trump.

Sanders, who announced his 2020 candidacy just last week, already has raised $10 million toward that campaign – his second consecutive bid for the Democratic nomination after losing to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

At Monday’s town hall, Sanders said the country now has more wealth inequality than any other country on earth. He vowed to tax the very rich to help fund his Medicare for all, and to bring down runaway costs of a college education.

“Health care is a right. Making sure our kids get a higher education is a right,” Sanders said.

“Am I going to demand that the wealthy and large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes? Damn right I will.”

“And, let me give you an example where I will get the money,” he continued.

Amazon, owned by the wealthiest guy in the world made $5B last year in profits,” Sanders said of Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos.

“Anybody know how much [Amazon] paid in taxes?”

“Zero?” the town hall crowd collectively guessed.

“That’s right,” Sanders shot back.

The skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs can only be contained when millions of people around the country rise up and say “I will not allow you to kill my wife, my kids” by jacking up the price of medication, the senator explained.

You can’t beat big Pharma in Washington D.C., Sanders explained, because “they own the Congress and that’s a fact.”

He promised host Wolf Blitzer he would release 10 years of tax returns “soon,”  assuring they would be “very boring.”

Sanders also promised to advocate for making Washington, D.C. a state, saying it would be hypocritical of him to say otherwise, given that the district’s population is larger than that of Vermont.

Residents of the district are subjected to taxation without representation in the federal government, he acknowledged. This all went over big at the town hall, which was held in the district. He threw cold water on the idea, however, noting Republicans can be counted on to fight D.C. statehood because it is populated with mostly Democrats.