Big Spider Love: The Brooch That Ate Brexit – The New York Times

She was the only woman on the Security Council at the time, and she has said in many interviews that she came to see her costume jewelry choices as an asset; a neat way to illustrate her opinions or intentions. For example, after learning a conference room near her State Department office had been bugged by the Russians, she wore a giant bug to her next meeting with them.

By contrast, Lady Hare’s brooches arguably leave room for debate, and speculation. It also may be a rehabilitation of sorts for the accessory, which in Britain had a turn in the spotlight in 2017, when Princess Michael of Kent wore a blackamoor brooch, a stylized bust of a black man, to the Christmas lunch where she was introduced to Meghan Markle, who is biracial.

Unlike the princess’s brooch, which seemed to represent little more than tone-deaf, fusty upper-class taste, Lady Hale’s spider pin was playful, witty, a little weird. It also echoes the style that has become her signature. For her official Supreme Court portrait, she wore a large, bejeweled centipede. At other times, she has worn a reclining fox, a giant gold butterfly, a spider web, a gingerbread man and various species of frog.


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