BREAKING NOW: Feds Foil California Terror Plot Aimed at LA Police, Tourist Destinations – Sean Hannity

Federal authorities foiled what would have been a devastating terror plot over the weekend; arresting one individual for targeting a series of deadly attacks against Los Angeles Police Officers and tourist destinations across the region.

“A U.S. army veteran planned to detonate improvised explosive devices at several Southern California locations to cause ‘mass causalities’ in a terror plot thwarted by law enforcement officials,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

“It’s unclear how far the plot got, but sources said the man had specific targets, including Los Angeles police officers, the Santa Monica pier and a location in Long Beach. The sources said he had converted to Islam, but it was not known whether that was related to the plot,” adds the author.

The announcement comes just days after a lone gunman opened fire at a Synagogue in southern California; killing one member of the Congregation and injuring at least three more.

Read the full report here.


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