Brian Stelter: Spicer and Sanders new TV jobs ‘deserve outrage and backlash’ – Washington Examiner

CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter explained that while it is not usual for former White House staffers to get jobs on television, the recent jobs taken by former press secretaries Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders deserve extra scrutiny.

ABC announced Wednesday that Spicer will be a cast member for this season of Dancing with the Stars and Fox News said Thursday that Sanders will be joining the network as a contributor.

Stelter said the criticisms they have received are warranted because of President Trump’s consistent habit of misleading the public, with the help of Spicer and Sanders.

“The Trump White House has a record of misleading the public. All administrations spin. This administration lies consistently, whether it’s Sanders, or Spicer, or other White House aides. And it’s all led from the top by a president who lies even about the weather and the time of day. That, I think, is why this deserves outrage and backlash,” he said.

Adding it’s not surprising Sanders has a job at Fox News, Stelter said, “It should still be surprising that somebody who misled the public and defended a man who calls the press ‘the enemy’ would land these types of jobs.”

Stelter also explained why the new jobs are concerning on his Twitter account.


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