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On April 30 at approximately 5:40 p.m., a former UNC Charlotte student opened fire in Room 236 of Kennedy, killing two and wounding four. On the morning of May 1, UNC Charlotte grieves.

At 5:23 a.m., the University lifted the campus lockdown, and law enforcement opened the entrances to campus. But at 10:30 a.m., campus appears to be mostly deserted. Only a few non-law enforcement vehicles roamed campus.

Kennedy remains closed as it is an active crime scene. Three or four law enforcement officials are guarding the entrance. Save for a few media crews, Belk Plaza is also empty.

One survivor we spoke to yesterday recounted what he saw at the time of the shooting.

Me and my classmate were working on a project outside of Rowe on the side towards Robinson and we saw a guy who was running. His shirt was bloody—I’m assuming he was shot. I’m not sure if it was just like, you know, blood that had splashed on him but I’m assuming he was shot. He was like screaming, you know, telling people to run, that there was a shooter on campus.”

Rami Alramadhan was one of the four students injured in the shooting. Twitter users have been circulating photos purported to be of his bloodied shirt. We have yet to confirm whether the man our eyewitness saw running was Alramadhan. As of Tuesday night, Alramadhan was in critical condition at the Carolinas Medical Center.

Rowe itself looks to be deserted. Final art installations have been left hanging by Rowe.

UPDATE: The man spotted running with a bloodied shirt is confirmed to have been Rami Alramadhan.

CORRECTION: The writer originally stated that the art installations had been abandoned outside of Rowe. We have since learned that the art installations were meant to be left standing. The article has since been corrected. The Niner Times regrets this error. 


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