Dallas tornado leaves damage, devastation after tearing through Texas – New York Post

New images from tornado-ravaged Texas show the wide-spread devastation, with buildings and communities ripped apart, trees torn from their roots and cars thrown around like toys.

Shattered residents look on in disbelief and grief as their homes and businesses lay in shambles from the twister, which struck Sunday night and knocked out power to 95,000 households in the region — 55,000 of them in Dallas, the Dallas Morning News reported.

There were no known deaths or serious injuries in Texas, but three people were hospitalized, the paper said.

One person was killed by a falling tree in Arkansas.

Photos of the damage show one couple consoling each other in front of their church, Primera Iglesia Dallas, which was left in ruins.

The studio of Dallas-based KNON-FM radio was also among the structures heavily damaged by the twister.

“We then heard the building and could hear the glass windows shattering everywhere along with debris banging around,” said radio host Lew Morris, who sought shelter in a studio bathroom with another DJ.

“We waited until all the noise died down,” he said. “We walked out to see the studio he was just broadcasting from destroyed.”

Dallas resident Tina Devlin told NBC News her home was “a total loss.”

“I heard all the snapping of the trees and the wind blowing, and so I climbed into this bedroom closet, and just as I got in there the roof blew off,” she said.

One Dallas shopping center on Walnut Hill Road was so hard hit that a Planet Fitness there “appeared to be gone,” the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

Across the street a truck hauling a trailer was lifted up and dropped on top of a Jeep in the parking lot, the newspaper said.

The storm also grounded 96 flights at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love Field, and delayed another 263.

The tornado prompted Gov. Greg Abbott to deploy the Texas Division of Emergency Management.

Despite the devastation, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said the city was lucky.

“I think we should consider ourselves very fortunate that we did not lose any lives — no fatalities and no serious injuries,” Johnson said.

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