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Several children have been hospitalized by a vitamin D supplement made by Inno Pharma according to regulators in Denmark.

The Danish Health Authority (Sundhedsstyrelsen) advised people not to use “Inno Pharma vitamin D3-dråber” – sold by health food organization Helsam or pharmacy chain Matas – in a warning letter published on July 29

An authority spokeswoman told us “Due to a calculation error the company Inno Pharma has produced a vitamin D food supplement with a 75 times higher dose than intended” adding that “production has been stopped and the sold products has been recalled

She also confirmed that “several young children have been hospitalized as a result of ingesting this particular food supplement.”  

According to the organization 87 of the 150 children known to have used the super strength product had elevated vitamin D levels.

High vitamin D levels may result in a condition called hypercalcemia – high blood calcium – which is known to interfere with normal cardiac functioning. It is also linked to the formation of kidney stones.

According to Sundhedsstyrelsen, 74 of the children tested had high levels in their blood.

Inno Pharma is not associated with Pfizer’s InnoPharma subsidiary.


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