Democrats are about to lose Russian collusion as a 2020 issue – Washington Examiner

The endless series of Russia investigations were always about politics for Democrats. But, unfortunately for them, their utility is running out just in time for the 2020 election.

Without the probes, none of which after two years and millions of dollars have turned up proof that President Trump’s 2016 campaign colluded with the Russian government, what are Democrats going to say? “We tried?”

NBC reported Tuesday that the Senate Intelligence Committee was fast approaching the end of its own investigation, not having found any evidence of a conspiracy between Trump and Russia.

The House ended its own investigation last March with the same result.

The national media may continue chasing the same ghost, but all that’s left otherwise is the special counsel, led by Robert Mueller. He has produced dozens of indictments which involve perjury, obstruction, identity theft, and tax evasion, but not one of the charges involves any sort of scheme between Trump and Russia.

Trump’s former White House lawyer John Dowd told ABC News on Tuesday that Mueller’s investigation has been “a terrible waste of time” and insisted that the conclusion is set to fall flat. Dowd may still have some skin in that game, but that’s a bold prediction from him that can’t be dismissed.

Democrats and their friends in the media pushed this circus in order to cripple Trump’s presidency, and it has worked. But, in case you haven’t heard, their party isn’t in pristine shape going into 2020 either.

Like a nightlight, the Russia-collusion issue has at least been there to offer them some direction for the party. But with each investigation turning up without the collusion they were looking for, how are Democrats going to light up their voters? “Trump’s a racist?”

With blackface, credible accusations of rape, anti-Semitic tweets, and eugenic-like positions on abortion raging through the Democratic Party, the charge that Trump is mean doesn’t quite have the kick it once did.

The Russia issue is now like that magic rose in “Beauty and the Beast.” Once the last petal falls, Democrats are out of time, and then just ugly.


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