Devin Nunes accuses Adam Schiff of ‘coaching’ Trump impeachment witness – Washington Examiner

Rep. Devin Nunes accused House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of “coaching” the witness during Tuesday’s closed-door deposition.

Nunes, the top Republican on the panel, told Fox News host Sean Hannity that Democrats reached a new low in the impeachment fight when Schiff “continually” interrupted his GOP colleagues as they tried to question Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

“They’ve been bad at most of these depositions, but to interrupt us continually to coach the witness, to decide … what we’re going to be able to ask the witness,” the California Republican said.

In another swipe at Schiff, Nunes said his Democratic counterpart is “very good at coaching witnesses.” He added that Schiff has “met” the whistleblower, although it has only been reported the whistleblower met with a House Intelligence Committee aide seeking guidance before filing a complaint, and Schiff knew about it but never informed his GOP colleagues.

The deposition with Vindman gave way to shouting as Democrats accused Republicans of trying to out the whistleblower whose complaint spurred the impeachment proceeding. GOP lawmakers contended they were only trying to determine who had spoken with Vindman, the National Security Council official in charge of Ukraine policy, but Schiff prevented Vindman from answering some of their questions.

Schiff told reporters after the deposition on Capitol Hill that Democrats will “make every effort to make sure that, notwithstanding the president or his allies’ desire to come out and exact political revenge on this whistleblower, that our committee is never used for that purpose.”

Republicans have argued that Democrats are running a secretive and unfair process to remove President Trump from office.

The Democrat-led House is set to introduce a resolution Wednesday to “pathway forward” that will outline impeachment proceeding rules, including open hearings, the release of transcripts, and the transferal of materials between the appropriate committees. Under these rules, Republicans will have the right to call witnesses and even issue subpoenas, but only if the majority Democrats agree first.


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