FDA Approves Increase in Amount of Vitamin D Allowed in Milk, Milk Alternatives – Monthly Prescribing Reference (registration)

Manufacturers can start using the new measurements as of July 18

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an increase in the amount of vitamin D allowed in milk, milk alternative beverages, and plant-based yogurt alternatives.

Manufacturers will be able to add up to 84 IU/100g of vitamin D3 to milk, 84 IU/100g of vitamin D2 to plant-based milk alternatives (such as soy, almond, and coconut based beverages), and 89 IU/100g of vitamin D2 to plant-based yogurt alternatives. 

The new amounts were approved after the FDA evaluated projected human dietary exposure to vitamin D from foods and dietary supplements and safety data found these levels of vitamin D to be safe.

Deficiency of vitamin D can result in abnormalities in bone metabolism, while excess vitamin D intake can cause hypercalcemia. 

The new approval amends existing food additive regulations and as of July 18, manufacturers can start using the new amounts.

For more information visit FDA.gov.

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