Flights canceled in more Hong Kong airport chaos – CNN

Check-in boards showing canceled flights at Hong Kong airport on August 13, 2019.
Check-in boards showing canceled flights at Hong Kong airport on August 13, 2019. Joshua Berlinger/CNN

It’s no surprise that passengers are confused.

Despite the airport suspending all check-ins, some flights appear to still be going ahead, albeit with delays.

At the in-town check-in on Hong Kong Island, many passengers are staring at the flight departure boards, where only some of the flights showed up as being canceled. On the airport’s website, there are still outgoing flights that appear to be going ahead Tuesday night. 

Like at the airport, in-town check in is closed — but passengers are still able to travel on the Airport Express.

And different airlines are giving different advice. On its website, HK Express says passengers should check the latest flight information, and advises that flights may even leave earlier than scheduled. 

Hong Kong Airlines said that check-in services at the airport have been suspended until further notice and said it was “monitoring the situation closely and may make adjustments to our flights at short notice.”

Air Asia said it was also “closely monitoring the situation in Hong Kong” and “strongly advised” passengers to check your flight status “from time to time.”

And China Airlines said that “due to airport operation, partially flights to/from Hong Kong International Airport have been cancelled on 12AUG and 13AUG.”

Cathay Pacific, meanwhile, has a message on its website urging customers not to travel to the airport and to postpone non-essential travel on Tuesday and Wednesday.


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