Four very different replacements for Sarah Huckabee Sanders – Washington Examiner

In an unexpected tweet on Thursday afternoon, President Trump announced that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving her post at the end of June. Who should replace her?

Well, here are four Trump supporters who would bring very different styles to the Brady Room’s podium.

First off, in the MAGA devotee category: Sebastian Gorka. With a penchant for rather hyperbolic support of the president, and rather hyperbolic disdain for Trump’s opponents, Gorka would obviously bring a smile to the president’s face. It is far less certain whether Gorka would bother engaging with White House reporters on matters of state. Instead, the former White House adviser would likely unleash the kraken (see bottom of page) or Napoleon against Trump’s inquisitors.

From the intellectual category? How about Newt Gingrich? The charismatic former House speaker is an ardent defender of the president, a silver-tongued orator, and an intellectual powerhouse. Whatever you think of Gingrich’s record or his support for Trump, you have to respect his brains. Just imagine Jim Acosta trying to get the better of Gingrich, rhetorically, poetically, or historically.

The safe bet category? It’s got to be Mick Mulvaney. The congressman turned director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau turned director of the Office of Management and Budget turned White House chief of staff would surely jump at the chance to take on yet another job. When he’s appeared at the podium in the briefing room defending White House budgets, Mulvaney has outshone the professional spokesmen next to him. The press would probably respect him.

Finally, in the practical corner: Nobody. That’s right. This White House has largely scrapped the press briefing, and Trump likes communicating directly through his tweets, so why waste taxpayer dollars on a no-show job?

OK. Now enter the kraken.


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