Full Whistle-Blower Complaint Heads to The House — Live Updates – The New York Times

Democrats are also seizing on the opportunity to rally their supporters online. Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Julián Castro, among others, have taken out ads on Facebook calling for Mr. Trump’s impeachment in recent days. Vice President Biden’s Facebook ads — which urged his supporters to “Stand With Joe” — were less impeachment focused.

The words released by the White House recounting Mr. Trump’s conversation with Mr. Zelensky look like a transcript, but the document is marked, Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, and it warns that it is not a verbatim account. Instead, it was “developed with assistance from voice recognition software along with experts and note takers listening.”

Because The New York Times cannot know what exactly was said, we have chosen to call the document a reconstructed transcript.

“The process will come,” said Representative Madeleine Dean, Democrat of Pennsylvania, but other lawmakers said the House needed to urgently set its course to maintain momentum and ensure that their case against Mr. Trump does not meander off course. (On Tuesday, Ms. Pelosi charged six committee chairs to put together their best impeachment evidence and transmit it to the Judiciary Committee.)

“There is an understanding that all justice should be swift and sure, and that this has to happen deliberately but relatively quickly,” said Representative Jim Himes of Connecticut.

One challenge: House leaders do not plan to cancel a scheduled two-week recess on Friday, but said that the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees would remain active.


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