G7 Summit: Macron Wants to Arrange Meeting Between Trump and Rouhani – The New York Times

This month, Mr. Modi’s government terminated the autonomy of the part of Kashmir controlled by India, and severed communications to the impoverished region in the Himalayas, long been claimed by both India and Pakistan. Indian forces rounded up more than 2,000 Kashmiris in a crackdown in the days before and after the move, local officials have told The New York Times.

Speaking with reporters in Biarritz before his meeting with the Indian prime minister, Mr. Trump offered no criticism of India’s action and deferred to Mr. Modi’s preference that the United States keep out of the matter.

“The prime minister really feels he has it under control,” Mr. Trump said.

Asked whether his offer to mediate was still on the table, Mr. Trump said, “I’m here, if for any reason, but I think they can do it themselves, though. They’ve been doing it for a long time.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan told The Times last week that Mr. Modi and his government had rebuffed all entreaties to talk and essentially threw up his hands at the prospect.

“There is no point in talking to them,” Mr. Khan said. “I mean, I have done all the talking.”


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