Here’s the Democratic Debate Lineup — and What’s at Stake for Those Onstage – The New York Times

With Mr. Biden and Ms. Warren onstage together for the first time, the moderators are certain to try to bait them into confronting each other. The pair have a long history, stretching back to a battle in a 2005 Senate hearing over a credit card industry-supported bankruptcy bill Mr. Biden backed and Ms. Warren, then a Harvard law professor, opposed.

Expect other fireworks along the way.

Ms. Harris has seen her campaign flag after her debate-stage confrontation with Mr. Biden over busing and school segregation gave her a lift, and so has Mr. Buttigieg, who since Labor Day has signaled that he’s prepared to be more combative with the race’s front-runners.

Mr. Sanders is likely to take his grievances straight to the moderators, a tactic that could draw in Ms. Klobuchar as well.

And then there is Mr. O’Rourke, appearing on a debate stage for the first time since the mass shooting in his hometown, El Paso, transformed his campaign from one focused on Iowa to one hopscotching the country addressing various injustices past and present.

He’s also come out with the most robust gun control proposal in the field, arguing for a buyback program that would require owners of assault-style firearms to sell them to the federal government. Mr. O’Rourke hasn’t focused on drawing contrasts with fellow Democrats so far, but he has a chance to try to shame his rivals on gun safety Thursday night.


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