Here’s the Reason Ludacris’ Abs Look Super Fake in His New ‘Vitamin D’ Video – Us Weekly

Ludacris has unreal abs. Literally.

When the rapper, 39, dropped his new “Vitamin D” music video (featuring Ty Dolla $ign) on Monday, April 10, the Twitterverse exploded with accusations that Ludacris’ chiseled six-pack looked super fake. Well, they were right: That rock-solid torso was courtesy of CGI technology. 

But the star insists he wasn’t trying to pull a fast one. Later that night, the “Rollout” artist told King Gossip that anyone who thought he was trying to fool fans doesn’t know him very well. 

To prove his point, Ludacris reminded the site of another music video, 2004’s “Get Back,” where he also rocked electronically enhanced arm muscles. Touché. 

Still, the dad of three seemed to be enjoying the confusion he caused. He spent the next day retweeting people who called him out — with the laughing-so-hard-I’m-crying emoji!

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