Home Depot co-founder supports Trump? Twitter mob will boycott, only 17 years too late – Washington Examiner

When Bernie Marcus, the co-founder of Home Depot, publicly supported President Trump in 2016, no one seemed to care.

In “Why I Stand With Donald Trump,” published by RealClearPolitics, he wrote that the Republican nominee was the only chance to win the White House.

Marcus listed reasons many Republicans had for voting for Trump: blocking Hillary Clinton, seeking balanced Supreme Court appointees, and curbing government regulation. “As a GOP donor who stood steadfastly behind Jeb Bush — and who has contributed to candidates for a generation — I urge all Republicans to stand up and be counted in support for Donald Trump,” he wrote.

In 2015, before Trump won the nomination, Marcus donated not to Trump, but to Bush and Scott Walker. Again, none of this is news. But people who didn’t care about all of this before have suddenly decided it matters.

#HomeDepotBoycott is suddenly trending on Twitter. The world now remembers that Marcus is a Trump supporter after features in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Washington Post revealed that the billionaire plans to give most of his money away to charity.

He signed The Giving Pledge, whose goal is to encourage wealthy philanthropists to donate at least half of their net worth. He’s donated to Autism Speaks and the Georgia Aquarium, and he emphasized to the Atlanta Journal Constitution that his philanthropic giving is much greater than his political giving.

But for 2020, Marcus is still on the Trump train. He told the AJC that while Trump “sucks” at communication, he’s succeeded with jobs and trade with China. He has pretty standard right-wing reasons for supporting the president. And let’s not forget, he’s been talking about those reasons for years.

Now, the lynch mob on social media has suddenly changed its mind about the nation’s most popular home improvement store.

By the way, good luck finding a better hardware store. In 2017, Lowe’s CEO Marvin Ellison, who was running J.C. Penney at the time, joined other retail leaders to meet with Trump in the White House.

A boycott of Home Depot will do Marcus no harm. The 90-year-old has been retired since 2002. So not only is the #HomeDepotBoycott based on information that’s been public for years, it’s also a useless and outdated form of virtue signaling that, if it has any effect, will only harm Home Depot employees. Pity there’s no good way to punish everyone with incorrect beliefs, eh?


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