Hong Kong Protesters Defy Beijing Warnings, as Police Fire Tear Gas – The New York Times

[What’s going on in Hong Kong? Here’s how the protests have evolved.]

Assailed for days by China’s propaganda machine as violent thugs who must be stopped, Hong Kong’s protest movement — a largely leaderless jumble of groups and causes — started the day with a display of what activists say was their peaceful intent. Several thousand people marched in an orderly procession past China’s military headquarters in the former British colony.

That protest march in Central District, billed by organizers as a “family friendly” event, featured parents, baby strollers and children with balloons, and avoided incendiary slogans about “retaking Hong Kong” that have angered China’s governing Communist Party.

“Xi Jinping should come and take a look at us here, now, and then say whether we are hooligans,” said Ina Wong, a 34-year-old designer, referring to China’s hard-line leader. Ms. Wong took part in the rally along with her husband, a civil servant, and their 2-year-old son.


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