Hong Kong Protesters’ New Target: A News Station Seen as China’s Friend – The New York Times

On the other side is a younger group, generally supportive of the protest movement and the pro-democracy politicians who are a minority in the local legislature. For them, TVB’s coverage confirms longstanding fears about Beijing’s growing influence over local affairs.

Some critics refer to TVB as “CCTV-B,” a mocking reference to China Central Television, Beijing’s main broadcaster of domestic propaganda. They point to TVB’s vice chairman, Li Ruigang, a media mogul from mainland China and one-time senior Communist Party official in Shanghai, as evidence of Beijing’s sway over the station. (Mr. Li’s company, China Media Capital Group, did not respond to a request for comment, but he has previously rejected such suggestions.)

The Hong Kong Journalists Association reported last year that mainland Chinese interests had direct control over, or stakes in, nine of Hong Kong’s 26 mainstream media companies, including TVB, up from eight a year earlier.


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