Hurricane Dorian threatens the US: Live updates – CNN

The coastal city of Stuart, Florida, is starting to feel the effects of Hurricane Dorian, which has stalled 100 miles away above Grand Bahama.

“We are getting the periodic outer rain bands that come in and literally smack us with strong, gusty, tropical storm force winds. Brief, heavy rainfall. And a few flashes of lightning, as well, in the distance, from time to time,” said CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam in Stuart.

“There’s also been transformers that have blown behind us, as well. We’re fortunate to have electricity still at this hotel where we’re at.”

Weaker also means larger: Stuart is facing the threat of storm surges, flooding, and coastal erosion. Van Dam also warned that though the storm has gotten slightly weaker, going down to a Category 3, it will also get larger as tropical force winds expand from the center.

“As it gets closer and closer to the Florida coastline, it means we’ll feel more and more of the winds. The threats there, obviously, gusts that could take down some tree limbs and electrical poles as well,” Van Dam said.

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