James Comey CNN town hall: Live updates – CNN

James Comey initially said he would give Attorney General William Barr the benefit of the doubt when it came to the Mueller report, and tonight, praised him for leaving most of the report unredacted.

Comey believes Barr acted “less than honorable,” however, in the way he previewed the report with his summary, press conference, and still “continues to talk as if he is the President’s lawyer.”

“That is not the attorney general’s job. It’s a political appointment by the president, but you lead an institution that belongs to the American people and not the president,” Comey said.

Asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “You think he’s behaving less than honorably?” Comey replied, “I do.”

“He’s an accomplished and very smart person who had nothing to lose in taking this job but his reputation, but I really — it doesn’t make me happy to say this, but I think he has lost most of his reputation with the way he has conducted himself,” Comey said.

Asked why Barr was doing what he was doing, Comey said he didn’t know.

“I can speculate, but I don’t know. People are complicated, but it is deeply concerning,” he said.


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