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Nearly everyone needs to take Vitamin D supplements

The Institute of Medicine’s recommendations on optimum levels of Vitamin D have been discredited by the Harvard School of Public Health and many others (“Vitamin D: How much we need, and how to get it,” Sunday).

The lowest level of Vitamin D that can be considered normal is 32 nanograms per milliliter.

Many experts say that 40 to 60 nanograms is the ideal level. It’s just about impossible to get enough Vitamin D from food. Living far from the equator as we do, it’s almost always necessary to take Vitamin D supplements in significant amounts.

Studies using significant doses of Vitamin D to achieve adequate levels (and my personal experience from ordering Vitamin D blood tests for more than 12,000 people) show significant benefits in bone health, autoimmune studies, and protection from illness. Several prominent cancer hospitals test and treat their patients for low Vitamin D because they accept the studies that show a beneficial effect against cancer.

|Dr. Robert Baker, Voorhees, Rcbaker200@outlook.com


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